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Horse racing is a popular sport in Australia, and there are numerous horse racing clubs across the country. We are one of the prominent clubs offering an inclusive membership to people of all ages seeking a community of the sport’s lovers and enthusiasts. Our club is a reckoned name in horse racing world because we provide information regarding the sport and also share updates on events, latest news and more. Joining our racing club is a great way to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Australian horse racing. So, become a member today!

Why Join Us?

Upcoming Events

  • 1 hour
    New Club Members Induction
  • 1.5 hours
    Introductory Webinar on Horse Racing
  • 2 hours
    Racing Horsing Through the History
  • 3 hours
    The Trotting Tricksters Quiz
  • 3 hours
    The Equestrian Extravaganza (Party)
  • 4 hours
    The Jockey Jokers Jamboree

Special Events


Easter Day Horse Racing Meet


The Mane Menace Marathon

Horse Racing Guide

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